Go is a fun traditional game that takes just minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. You and another player will take turns placing black or white stones (markers) on open intersections of the board grid. When you surround your opponent’s stones they are “captured” and removed from the board. At the end of the game, whoever controls the majority of the territory wins!

Go was invented in China thousands years ago, where it’s called “Weiqi”. In Korea, it’s known as “Baduk”. In Japan, and most western countries, It’s “Go”. It is a competitive game played in the World Mind Sports Games by professional players.

Ask for a free demo and we’ll get you started. Then you can drop in to play. To progress, our teacher Jin (Sarah) offers lessons and game reviews for players of all ages and skill levels. Our classes start at beginners’ level and expand with each player’s progress.

Check out the Go resources below, including Go associations, online learning opportunities and tournament information…

Go Organizations

Canadian Go Association – CGA promotes the game of Go within Canada through various events, e.g., online Go tournaments, Go teaching and youth programs. It also coordinates the hosting of the Canadian Open, and the selection of our international representative. CGA is a founding member of The International Go Federation.

American Go Association – AGA hosts US Go Congress, the largest Go activity in North America, annually in August. Events include the US Open, professional lectures and game analysis, that attract many Canadian Go players to participate.

European Go Federation – EGF hosts European Go Congress (EGC) every summer in one of the member countries, which is open to players worldwide.

The International Go Federation – IGF was founded in 1982, with 29 founding members. IGF works to promote and popularize the game around the world, and helps local communities organize to form national associations. IGF is a founding member of International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

Online Learning

GO – A wikibook for beginners, introducing basic and foundational concepts of Go. Its composition and editing is ongoing.

GoBase – An online Go library. You’ll find a lot of information on the game, including the history of Go, Go rules, and exercise problems of Go game play.

Sensei’s Library – A collaborative website about the game of Go. This library provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of the concepts and principles of Go.

Playing Go Online

No opponent to play? You can meet Go players and play online games 24-hours, anytime, anywhere.

KGS – KGS is an online Go Server operated by the American Go Foundation. There are usually over 1000 players in the English Room. You can easily find an opponent of similar skill to play with, by clicking “Automatch” .

IGS PandaNet – Another and the first Go Server, where you can play, watch, and study the game of Go online anytime.